Thursday, July 06, 2006

Cooling down :)

I think we dare go near the yarn again now it's not so hot, lol.

I had an email from somebody in Chelmsford who saw our poster in Franklin's window and she runs the Chelmsford knit group. They have 14 members and they meet fortnightly (I'm jealous!) I'm going to copy a bit of her email, which looks very interesting to me:

"I am emailing you as I have just started up ‘ The Joy of Sox’. I have small stock of Opal and Lana Grossa self patterning sock yarn, kits and needles and I basically do sock ‘parties’. I plan to visit groups, clubs and individuals that can get together a few friends at home and then people can purchase what they want. There are so few stockist of Opal in this area most have to order over the internet so it is good to be able to see before you buy. If you would be interested in me visiting your group at one of your meetings or arranging a sock party at home then please let me know and we could sort out a date."

I thought this sounded like fun, and how about we meet up with the Chelmsford group one day/evening for a joint meeting? It would be nice if we could manage it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi All,
Tina, you just need to change your yarn! I think it's a great idea - good to meet new people and as I've never knitted socks it would be fun.
Hope everyone's in the shade with their hat's on -
See you soon.

2:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just checking I can post a comment as Jenny couldn't.

9:44 AM  

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