Monday, February 05, 2007

Mango Moon

I've just received a card at the cafe, addressed to Tina, but it's for us all, with the following info.-
'Mango Moon beautiful handspun & recycled handknitting yarns made by women's cooperatives in Nepal & Indonesia, distributed in the UK by moralfibre ltd.
See the collection at Craft, Hobby & Stitch @ NEC Birmingham 18-20 Feb & The London Stitch & Creative Hobby Crafts Show Excel London 22-24 Feb
moral-fibre ltd 01422 381359 email:'
Looks good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello everybody, I'm sorry to be so useless but what with hubby being away for 6 weeks, me being poorly and now having a week away I have completely missed a meeting! We got back from holidays today and I have found that the hotmail address has been disappeared again so if anybody has emailed there it has been eaten because if I don't sign in every 30 days it stops being our email address. This is the 2nd time it's happened.
*takes a breath* Hope you had a good meeting anyway and I'm trying hard to make the next one.
Tina x

9:05 PM  

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