Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Just a quickie

The next meeting will be on the last Monday of January as usual and I will leave it to Jenny to let you know if it will be the usual (knit and chat, and chat some more :D) or whether we will do something different . I know nobody would mind either way and we need things to be as stress-free and enjoyable for everybody as possible, including our hostess :D I've been reminded that I won't be able to go anyway :(

Thanks John and Jenny for coming to let us in and out again last night, we had a good meeting with a good turn-out again. Have a Happy Christmas everyone and see you next year!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear All,
Sorry I couldn't make it last night - work called! Looking forward to knitting with everyone again in the New Year.

8:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi everyone
Sorry to miss meeting on Mon.
Can Tracey & Ann Bland please send their email addresses to me @ jenny@jemison.go-plus.net, as I have had messages come back & I need to check for future ref.
Re next meeting- can everyone let me know if a} they would like a light meal either finger buffet @ £4.00 or something like jacket potato/pasta @ £6.00
or b] just a straightforward meeting.
If we go for food I will check out preferences from you later.
All have great Christmas

11:32 AM  

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