Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Our youngest visitor

Last night we had a visit from Kerrie Allman of 'Hipknits', who brought along her delightful 3 month old daughter Trinity. There was a lot of oohing & aahing & passing Trinity round for cuddles, but we did get some knitting done. thank you for coming Kerrie, you will be welcome any time.
As well as welcoming Kerrie we were able to say hello to Cath, Jane & Abbie.
Jane had been so inspired by her first visit last time that she had been out & bought baby yarn & had produced several minute outfits for a prem baby unit.
Anne had been seduced by the Innocent Smoothie pledge to donate 50p to Help the Aged for every tiny bottle 'hat' that they receive. She proceeded to produce from a bag, lots of miniature works of art, all in different styles of knitting & was able to pass the necessary pattern details on to other members.
Other members had found other types of charity knitting to do, including trauma toys for the emergency services & teddy bears.
As a by the way, as well as Ann manning her craft stall for Farleigh during 'Tea at Three on this Friday, BBC Essex will be doing a broadcast from Phillers, so anyone who can come along will help, we might even get a plug.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Great News for June 25th Meeting

Message from Michelle:
'Today I had a cup of tea with Kerrie Allman from Hipknits. She kindly hand delivered my magazine and I invited her in. We got chatting and I have invited her to our next meeting! She seems keen and asked if she could bring her baby, Trinity along which I thought would be OK.
It will be like having a yarn celebrity amongst us - yarn supplier, editor of YF and soon to be author !'
Exciting news, we also had 2 new members to the 'May' meeting. There was also discussion on charity knitting, so keep bringing ideas. Hope to see you all there.