Tuesday, January 30, 2007

First meeting of 2007

Hi Everyone
It was good to see members last night & a belated 'Happy New Year' was chorused. Most people had new projects under way. These came in all shapes & sizes from more socks to Michelle starting to 'wrestle' with a complicated baby coat, knitted all in one piece.
We all tucked into plates of cakes & cups of tea or coffee. The next meeting will be Monday 26th February, 7.30 pm @ Phillers. All new members will be welcome.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Hi, it's me again.
One of the 'projects' I'm doing is a woolly hat for a seafarer. I picked the pattern up in Peachey Ethknits. Go to http://www.biss.org.uk/richtext.asp?page_id=25&content_id=326 for details. I've finished a small hat, but I may keep that one, anyone else interested in the scheme?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Message from Jenny.
Hi Everyone, Happy New Year.
Next meeting 29th January. We weren't able to do anything 'Christmassy' so I thought since it's close to Burns Night [25th]we'd do something Scottish - nothing elaborate. I'm planning some typically Scottish teatime treats, so don't have too much supper before you come.
I went to 'Peachey Ethknits' good wool shop in Maldon [does Debbie Bliss] & they're quite interested as there's nothing in Maldon, so they may come along. I'm feeling smug as I've started 2 [yes 2] new projects!!!