Thursday, September 28, 2006

Going to Boreham

I've had an email back from our Chelmsford contact ;) and here are the dates that they will be meeting, so we can say which one we would like to go to.

Tuesday 3rd October
Monday 16th October - charity knit in for national knitting week will
send you details when I have them!

Thursday 19th October
Tuesday 7th November
Thursday 23rd November

We meet from 7pm onwards and we meet at The Grange pub in Boreham.
It is on the main road just off the Boreham Interchange.

Can everyone let me know which date they would like - hopefully in November
so Michelle can come too :)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Alexandra Palace Knitting and Stitching Show

Julia's comment on the last post should be brought to everybody's attention I think just in case anybody else wants to go and they miss it.

Franklin's in Chelmsford is running a coach trip on 15th October to the show. It's £23 per person and Julia thinks they still have a few places left. The coach leaves Chelmsford on Sunday morning at 8:45 am.

Have fun Julia and Jenny and anybody else who's going! :D

Monday, September 25, 2006

Excellent meeting with Crochet Lesson!

I think there were a dozen of us tonight (plus one 10 year old hanger-on, hehe) which is excellent. We had two new ladies - welcome to Enid and Jean - and the 'old faithfuls' were all there apart from Tracy who has had flu and sends apologies. Get well soon Tracy, we missed you.

Linda did a wonderful job of trying to teach us to crochet, and I think some of us did better than others, lol. It's amazing just how long you have to make a chain until the tension is right! I think with a bit of practise at home we might get there eventually ;o)

Sally has finished her lovely knitted necklace, and has just been left with stubs of fingers, bless her :)

Michelle sailed in like a galleon and got the weight off her poor swollen feet immediately. We all wish you well and a safe delivery sometime during the next month. We can't wait to see him :)

I'll be writing to the lady from Chelmsford group to see if we can meet up with them in Boreham some time in November, when we can have a look at her sock yarn and meet some more Essex knitters.

If I've forgotten anything please add comments or make a post of your own if it works for you. Can someone tell me the date of the next meeting? On a previous post it says 30th October but I think 23rd was being mentioned at the meeting. Is it always the last Monday of the month? I think that's what was decided but I get in a muddle with it.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Apologies and hope the meeting was a good one.

Sorry everyone for not letting you know I wouldn't be there but it was really last minute that I decided the headache I had was bad enough to keep me away from knitting :) It wasn't helped by the fact that we had a bit of stress from a certain little girl who is just a bit worried about starting school tomorrow.

Thanks for the emails and I'll see you soon. As Jenny's computer isn't working I think there probably won't be a report of last night's meeting ...... unless anybody else wants to do it? ;)