Tuesday, June 20, 2006

19th June Meeting

First of all, Julia sent apologies but she didn't have the best of days yesterday. Julia, we all missed you and hope you to see you soon.

Last night we had 6 new members (yay!) and it meant that most of the discussion was done in small groups. We might have to find another way of setting up the tables so that we can all talk together. I hate missing things :) Because of this we didn't organise Tiptree, but it seems that there may be a problem as it is Summer and getting everybody together is going to be hard. I think next month when we don't have the shock of a lot of new members, unless it happens again, we will make a more concerted effort to see who's about and when. Jenny, I hope your diary turns up. Two of our new ladies were asked/cajoled/convinced/forced to give us crochet lessons soon so we'll get that organised too.

Hmm, a lot of 'going to' - will we get organised I wonder? Never mind, it's all good fun :D

Let's do this properly. What was everyone making? Jenny was struggling with a sock, but Tracy tried to get her to calm down and get the thing done, Chris was knitting a Clanger for her grandson, Kathy was doing something 'pretty in pink' but I couldn't see that far down the table. We had Thelma and Ann/e knitting little tiny dolls to put into margarine tub beds, Tracy's still knitting stocking stitch in a lovely marl and it's getting on her nerves, Michelle mostly read books and moaned her way through Simply Knitting - especially those beach bunnies ;) but did some of her lovely Birch shawl which is neeeeeaaaarly done. I messed up my Clapotis and had to tink, Sally's doing a lovely bilberry-coloured jacket, Janet was doing Charity knitting, Ann/e was knitting something with lovely stitch patterns but I had no chance to ask her what. She's very keen and is going to have a fleece from Linda and do the whole thing from scratch. Linda was crocheting a very pretty white lacey top .... I think that's it. Apologies for those who I didn't get to see what they were doing. Last night was just too exciting. We had 'Pub Knitting', 'A Gathering of Lace', an Emma King book of funky knits ..... I tell you what ...... 9.30 comes around too soon :D

Next meeting 31st July. We weren't sure whether to go every 4 weeks or stick to 'the last Monday of the month' but we'd miss Michelle and Linda if we went in 4 weeks from now so last Monday of the month it is.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Message from Sally

There's a comment from Sally on the post before last but I thought I'd better bring it up here so we don't miss it. For the original please see the post before Julia's kind offer where we're waffling about the KIP/Carnival :)

Can we bring diaries to the meet on 19th so that we can arrange a Saturday trip to Tiptree soon?

You know, you can all post your own entries now that you know the password. Go for it! :D